Stressed Spelt backwards is “Desserts”

We all feel stress!!! There are demands put on us daily and hourly which can build up until the tea kettle steams. It’s hard striking a balance between work and home. Especially if you work from home. You may have a home office and a flexible career that allows you to work from home. Sounded pretty good on paper didn’t it? Maybe you are a stay at home parent constantly trying to squeeze in 2 minutes where you don’t have to think about the kids. It’s a valuable skill to manage balancing work and home life. Try doing it all while stress is weighing you down! Continue reading “Stressed Spelt backwards is “Desserts”” »

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New Years Ease

Well another year has come and gone. Lots of good times and plenty to celebrate. Shouldn’t that be enough reason to want to ring in a new year dressed in my finest, partying until early in the morning surrounded by friends and family? Nope.

It’s true that I have more than ever to be thankful for. I have two beautiful and healthy daughters and an intelligent and successful wife. We are financially secure which enables me to stay at home with our kids to provide guidance and love. Things couldn’t get any better!

Sadly, these fortunes are not enough to shove me out the door to wait in the Canadian cold for a venue that is only half full when they finally let me in. It always felt like fireworks should have gone off the minute I entered after waiting so long to get in. Especially when you consider that I had to pre-drink just to afford the tickets and a cheap buzz. More than once I could be seen doing the junior high two step wondering weather my bladder would hold on long enough to get inside.

More often than not I would get inside without ruining my outfit. I would go straight to the bar to refill my now relaxed bladder. I’d try every glance, wink and stare humanly possible to get the bar tenders attention after waiting 15 minutes for my drink. Some bartenders assumed I was planning to tip the the remaining $5 from my $20 after buying my two drinks. I’d have to wait another few minutes to have them bring my $5 bill back. That’s when you I’d be forced to make the critical call. Tip $5 and possibly get faster future service or keep the $5 and have almost enough for another drink later in the evening.

Inevitably the shenanigans would ensue. We always made sure lots of friends and family were around to count down at New Years. Sometimes I would have a wandering girlfriend that I couldn’t find half the night. Other times I was single and pacing the club like a cougar stalking a goat. The logic was solid right? By lap 30 surely an interested female would sense my masculine presence and give me a reassuring look.

By the end of the night everyone would be s#*t-faced. Bathrooms would be colourfully painted with digested food particles. Sounds of couples quarrelling over where the other one was or who they were with. The magical count down would sometimes come and go without even being aware what time it was. Venues would thin out and friends would get misplaced. (The next day I’d always get the full recount of where they went). Sometimes with a partner in tow and lots of times alone, I would stumble outside to hail a taxi. There were occasions when I started walking because the wait was unbearable. On other occasions I may have jumped in with people going a similar direction as me. At some point I would make it home or onto someone’s couch.

Fast forward to modern times as I close in on my mid life. I recount all my hilarious memories of adventurous New Years celebrations and am happy to relax at home. The kids still need a functional father regardless of whether it’s a new year. We may get crazy and invite a couple over for wine and cheese. We may even make it to midnight. I’m ok with it either way.

Happy New Year!



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Refresh your daily routine making these small changes

Today I walked the opposite way to the park. That’s right! I know it sounds too simple to be effective. I decided to walk the opposite direction on my daily stroll to the park with my child. I’ve done this walk a hundred times or more and today was the first day I went the other way. Wanna know something? It felt like a new path. I saw the same things from a different perspective giving it a refreshing twist.

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Things you secretly love about your kids!

Sometimes you may catch yourself complaining about things your kids do or say. Let’s face it, the older we get the less gas we have in the tank at the end of the day. Often times the first thing to go is our patience. Sometimes we know our kids are going to do something to get on our nerves before they know it! How do we know? Because they do those things every single day. Well I’ve got new for you…YOU secretly love it!! Continue reading “Things you secretly love about your kids!” »

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