About me

A couple of years ago I was at home with my young family researching ways to conquer this thing called “parenting”. There are a lot of good sites offering opinions on ways to deal with toddler tantrums or how to get more sleep at night. Aside from my children I was often looking up information on how to stay in shape, eat better and live healthier. After spending a lot of time┬áreading about these subjects I decided to create my own site where people can read about these subjects as a one stop shop….then my site blew up!

It was one of the more painful days. After a couple of years of writing articles I lost everything! I apologize if you enjoyed some of my previous articles because they are all gone. So despite feeling like throwing in the towel I am pressing on. I had some very kind words about my articles and it has motivated me to start over from scratch.

.living smart